October 1st, 2007

  • storvik

On The Murg Again

The first thing Storvik did, once the USS Murgatroid had arrived at Starbase 668, was to bring Counsellor Lothar aboard. Lothar was still incapacitated, but Storvik decided to return the counsellor to his quarters rather than to the sickbay. After all, the ship had just acquired a new team of Mib Khans; the last thing anyone (especially the Khans) wanted was for Lothar to revive and kill them.

For the short time that the Murgatroid had been without any doctors, Pooky and Shiny had been doing their best to keep the sickbay running. The two Orion nurses actually had very little medical training, but that hadn't stopped many of the crewmen (and a couple of the crewwomen) from insisting upon thorough examinations.