October 5th, 2007

Storvik-Teddy Bear
  • storvik


Captain Storvik was almost finished examining, and either approving or rejecting, the various requisitions made by the crew for supplies and equipment from Starbase 668. The last request was from the ship's botanist, Alabama Picard According to his² report, one or more crewpersons (identity unknown) had broken into the experimental hydroponics lab, smoked half of the plants therein, then ate the other half in a state which he referred to as "the munchies." Storvik approved his request for replacement equipment (including some additional security devices) and new seedlings. Storvik then decided that he could put off his other duty no longer – now that he was back on the USS Murgatroid, it was time to contact Starfleet Command to inform them that:

  1. Evil Storvik and T'Sorvik had been rescued from their kidnappers, the renegade Mib Khan clones, and
  2. neither of them would be returning to the planet Vulcan, and Starfleet custody.

Obviously, there would be some dispute over this latter assertion, however, the Ferengi have a saying that "possession is 90% of regulations" – Now that the Vulcan hostages are outside of Starfleet's direct influence, Starfleet Command will find it somewhat difficult to get them back without Storvik's cooperation. Doctor Khan explained to Storvik that the Murgatroid has earned some "slack" from Starfleet Command after recently eliminating the threat of Evil Janeway, and suggests that this is as good a place as any to "spend" that "slack". Unfortunately, as this "slack" is an intangible resource of unknown and unmeasurable quantity, Storvik cannot be certain whether or not it will suffice to cover the aforementioned dispute with Starfleet, and any further repurcussions which result from Counsellor Lothar's attack on the USS Cairo…

¹ "No relation."
² Due to a phenomenon known as the Gender-Bender Anomaly, crewman Picard is now permanently trapped in the body of a woman.³ His fate inspired Khan's creation of the Trans-Gendering Mutational Retrovirus; but as the TGMR's effect is only temporary, Picard remains physically female.
³ "And not in the good way."