November 14th, 2007

Heavens and Ditzbrain

...Controln Hiz Moovmints

The bridge of the USS Murgatroid was quiet. The Defiant-class ship was moored against Starbase 668, undergoing repairs, so the bridge had but a skeleton crew (Lieutenant Heavens and a single Mib Khan clone) with nothing to do but monitor for problems. Suddenly, the turbolift doors opened and Counsellor Lothar staggered out.

Heavens and Khan stared at the counsellor, who stood swaying in a pink evening dress ensemble with almost-matching makeup. "There's a little girl inside me," Lothar explained, before spinning and lurching back into the turbolift.

"There's something you don't see everyday," Heavens gasped as the turbolift doors closed, taking the bizarre visitor away.

"He must have finally started reading his Dummies' Guide To Starship Counselling," Khan replied. "The first chapter is on 'Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child.'"

South Park


Counsellor Lothar entered sickbay, tripped in the doorway, and landed bowed-down on all fours on the welcome mat. "Are you all right?" asked the Mib Khan on sickbay duty.

"Mecha," grunted Lothar, as he hit his head on the floor.

"Huh," replied Khan. "I never knew you were a muslim."