November 25th, 2007


A belated rescue attempt...

"Ya know," Alabama Picard said to her(him)self. Alabama was often alone in the hydroponics bay, so talking to herself was not uncommon. "This is why I'm a specialist rather than a full-on science officer. It takes me too long to make a damn decision."

Alabama had spent a good deal of time trying to decide whether she(he) should find Lothar or continue to protect her precious tomatoes from violation by any strung-out and hungry crew. She carefully weighed the options, the outcomes, and the tomatoes (surely they would win the contest this year, if they survived).

Strange security reports were popping up on the computer, however, and Picard figured it probably had something to do with the missing cyborg.

So, after taking some time to string up some tripwires throughout the hydroponics bay (booby traps, of course), Alabama hefted her(his) laser-powered garden tiller and donned her chloro-radiation detection visor (used to analyze plant compounds; she figured some of the "natural elements" makeup she'd put on Lothar might be detectable, especially since she spilled a bunch of face powder down him) and stomped out of the hydroponics bay to search for her missing security guard.

"LOOOOTHAAAAAR! I'm'a comin' fer ya!"