November 29th, 2007

T'Vit-South Park

More Connections Made

T'Vit, ignoring Storvik and Mib Khan's distractions, turned to Lothar. "Counsellor," she asked, "do you, or do you not, know the current whereabouts of T'Sorvik?"

"I have already told you," T'Lothvik replied. "I did not eat me, but I am in my belly. I am busy now, but I shall come out of me when I have finished." The Counsellor continued to do whatever it was that he was doing, which seemed to involve random gestures and movements of the left side of his body.

This time, T'Vit listened not to what Lothar was saying, but to how he was saying it. "A mind meld," she said to herself. "She is inside him, somehow." As they were in a part of the USS Murgatroid with holoemitters, T'Vit called out: "Computer, give me a monitor." A flat, rectangular screen appeared in thin air, floating just over half a meter in front of her face. "Are you still unable to locate T'Sorvik?"

"Yes," replied the computer, both vocally and in text upon the holo-screen.

"Show me the last visual recording you have of T'Sorvik," she next commanded. All of them had asked the computer where T'Sorvik currently was, but none of them had asked where she had been.

"Working," said the computer in a monotone, before playing back a recording of T'Sorvik climbing into Lothar's access panel.

"Lothar – she fix?" asked Ifix, who had also seen the playback.

"It seems so," she responded to the engineer, then once again addressed the computer. "Computer, play back recording for Captain Storvik and Doctor Khan." Holographic monitors appeared in front of the officers' faces, cutting off their view of, and conversation with, each other. After they'd watched the recording, and also realized what was happening, T'Vit inquired, "Now that everything has been explained, should we attempt to extract her, or allow them to continue?"

"Actually, it still doesn't explain the dress," muttered Khan, who made his own inquiries to the computer and watched a playback of Alabama Picard playing "dress up" with Lothar. "AAAIIIEEE!" he screeched, and immediately instructed his tricorder not to update his other clones with that memory. "A thong What was Picard thinking"