December 7th, 2007

  • tsorvik

Check, Please

Now that Lothar was distracted with his particularly violent game of chess, the ensign whom he'd previously assaulted saw this as his opportunity to slip past Lothar and escape. However, as he tried to run by, Lothar caught him by the neck again. "Aha!" the Counsellor snarled. "I caught you en passant!" But then Lothar's face changed, and he seemed to be scolding himself, "No no no, mustn't paint the nice policeman…"

"The mind meld appears to be slipping," Storvik observed. "Perhaps T'Sorvik's work is almost complete?"

"Do you think she's safe in there?" Mib Khan asked.

Ifix shrugged.

"She is most likely more safe in there than we are out here," T'Vit theorized.

Inside Lothar, small mechanoids had been activated by his internal defensive systems and were seeking the intruder, albeit not very quickly or efficiently. Lothar's internal defense systems also needed some repairs, but T'Sorvik had not discovered those systems. If she had, she doubtless would have made sure that they weren't deployed against her.

One of the small hamster-like robots found her. It squeaked, then it attacked…