October 14th, 2008

Storvik-Portrait Illustration Maker
  • storvik

Hair of the Dog

Storvik returned to his quarters and applied the Rapid Hair-Gro™ to his scalp (after replicating rubber gloves and a breathing mask, as per Doctor Mib Khan's advice) and watched as the hair sprouted forth. It grew longer than he normally kept his hair (apparently, he had applied the salve too thickly; he would have to find the correct amounts by trial and error); but once he'd more-or-less combed it into submission, he contacted the bridge. It was time to set a course for Deep Space Nine.

"Bridge, Heavens speaking," came the response.

"Hab Ditbrade sed a cause fo duhbaze dine," ordered Storvik, whose throat and sinuses had not yet fully recovered from their former hirsuteness.

"Umm, yessir," Heavens replied. As soon as the Vulcan broke the connection, she turned to the navigator and said "Ditzbrain, set a course for Starbase Nine."

Heavens and Ditzbrain

Bridge to Nowhere

"What the hell happened to his voice?" Ditzbrain asked Heavens after laying in the course. "And his hair?"

"I don't ask questions anymore," Heavens replied. "I mean, I probably should have asked him to repeat those orders, but I got the gist. I just shrug and roll with it. I mean, at least he's not wearing Lothar's pink dress."

"Could it be a mid-life crisis?" Ditzbrain wondered. "I mean, if a Vulcan simply getting horny can lead to a fight to the death, how bad are their mid-life crises?"

"He's a Vulcan. He's still not old enough for one of those yet."