September 2nd, 2009

  • storvik

Captain's Log - Summary After-Action Report Begins.

I was in my quarters, during an off-duty shift, when I received an emergency call from the Mib Khan on the bridge. He sounded irrational and panicked, and said that the Murgatroid had been captured by an unexpected gravity well and was having trouble breaking free. He insisted upon beaming me to the bridge via intraship transport immediately. I consented, and dematerialized from my quarters. When I rematerialized, still barefoot and in my meditation robes, I found myself in a forest.

When I did not appear on the bridge, and the crew was unable to locate me, my wife T'Vit insisted upon personally interrogating the Khan on duty, despite the difference in rank. Although she determined that Khan's uncharacteristic panic was the result of unauthorized usage of hallucinogenic chemicals while on duty, she accepted the report written up by the other Khan clones that this Khan was a flawed copy, the result of an error in the duplication process, and that its actions could not be used against the remainder of the Khan collective. She personally ensured that the "flawed" clone was disposed of, despite that not being part of her quartermaster "job description", and "encouraged" the other Khans (with the same phaser which had just been used for "flawed clone disposal") to determine what had gone wrong, and where Captain Storvik was.

The problem was traced to an error in navigation. Specifically, the Murgatroid was supposed to be on a heading for Deep Space Nine but was instead set on a course for Starbase Nine. Because of this confusion, the ship was taken unaware by a black star in Starbase Nine's vicinity. At the exact moment of my transport, Chief Engineer Ifix had managed to break away from the high gravitational attraction of the dark star by operating the warp engines at full power in reverse. This breakaway caused a temporary and microscopic rupture in the time-space continuum, through which I passed while in incorporeal particulate form. While the Murgatroid remained at its proper position on the timeline, I found myself light years away on Earth … and in the past.