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Welcome Home Lothar

Earth: (the Planet, not just dirt.)
San Francisco: Star Fleet headquarters.
Janeway’s Office:

What the hell? He is at least a week early! Get Security up here NOW! Double Stat! Whatever the heck that means! And while your At it get a second Team up here Triple Stat!

Counselor Blanco: I feel Great Anger coming from directly over head Admiral.

Janeway: Well duh, IT’S FREAKING LOTHAR!! What do you expect to get from him you stupid betazoid? Puppies? Flowers? Is there anything useful that you can tell me?

Counselor Blanco: umm. He is almost here?

Janeway: You see this? (points to monitor screen) It’s the Sensor Monitor screen for Start fleet headquarters, and guess what it showes.

Counselor Blanco: That the ship Surak’s Razor is almost here?

Janeway: That’s right, that is what sensors are for. Betazoids are for telling me what he is thinking!!!!!

Counselor Blanco: Okay… *grunt* …right now he is thinking about not singing.

Janeway: Well at least that worked the way it was supposed to. How long until he gets here?

Star Fleet exterior: There is a lone ship headed directly for the largest building.

Streaking straight down from the clouds it is showing no sign of slowing down.

With a loud crash it “lands” on the top of the Star Fleet Spire.
With a series of crashes and windows blowing out on each floor as the ship becomes an elevator, Lothar descends to Janeway’s level. (seventeen floors down)

****Crash Boom****

Janeway’s office door opens.

Counselor Blanco:
Admiral I am sensing that he wishes to speak with your on an urgent matter concerning his “training”

Janeway: anything else?

Counselor Blanco: Okay.. umm He is thinking that he really really hates it when clairvoyants take all his best punch lines. What?

Counselor Blanco has the most confused expression on when he flies across the room and out the window after Lothar delivered his “punch line”.

Janeway: Ah, good, as subtle as always. I know you can’t talk to me at this moment, I also know that you hold me responsible for your current condition. What can I say, I am guilty, it was the only way we could control you. And with that, a one and a two and a three……
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