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The machine that goes "Hey! Stop that!"

Operating room, Startfleet HQ

Scene: Lothar is being operated on while he is unconscious. There are many many machines in the room. Several of them goes ping, but only one of them goes pong. There seem to be stock piles of hardware scattered around the room as if a hardware store sneezed.

Doctor #1: Pliers

Nurse #1: Pliers Doctor.

Doctor #8: Retractable Duckbilled platypus.

Nurse #8: Retractable Duckbilled platypus Doctor

Doctor X: Gravity inhibitor.

Evil Nurse #8: Go screw Doctor #14 okay?


Scene: Camera pans up to the Viewing Gallery where Janeway sits with Counselor Blanco (who sits very still indeed in a full body cast)

Janeway: Well, Lothar’s upgrades are well underway. Soon he will be even more destructive then he was. If these upgrades pan out like I know they will, the rest of the GWIII’s can receive the same ones. Then our little “Enterprise” should be just about ready. hee hee hee. Anyway, what is the Slumbering Giant down there thinking?

Blanco: Mmm… he… is…..think…..ing……about……killing…..you…..again…..

Janeway: Yeah, I kinda figured that. Look Blanco, your some kind of a telepath, is there anyway you could just put a thought into my head?

Blanco: I…..don’t…..think……anyone….could…..do…..that……sir.

Janeway: Darn, that would be so much faster. Anyway, We have to go see what Jellico is doing about some idiot named “Terminal”. Jellico says that somehow he can redem his nephew or something. Huh. I just had an urge to sing there for a minute. Weird. Anyway, Lets go see what Jellico needs now. I hope it’s not another session with Mistress Katie.

Blanco shutters.

Lothar, although unconscious smiles just a little bit.
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