Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote in uss_murgatroid,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

The Rain Exploded With A Mighty Crash As We Fell Into The Sun

As we have left the building, Doctor Khan ought to once again be able to listen in over my subdermal communicator... "If you are still listening," I said aloud, "we are in motion. We shall be in contact. Do not try to stop us."

I then instructed the communicator to shut down -- I did not wish it to be used to track us -- and I powered up the ship's shields and made an inventory of its weapons. The result was not very promising -- Surak's Razor had some minimal weaponry, but nothing which could stand up against a Starfleet ship of the line. We shall have to rely upon surprise and trickery to get us past any ships which attempt to intersect our course.

Right now, we are headed toward the sun -- by swinging around it, we can pick up more velocity and confuse any trackers. There are few starships in-system, and not all will be able to reach us in time. I cannot detect the Murgatroid; but they must be within the Sol system if Khan is within communicator range. I must assume that they are cloaked, and hope that they not be able to reach us.

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