Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote in uss_murgatroid,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Tempus Fugit

Herein is a summary of recent events surrounding my return to the USS Murgatroid. Time for log entries has been sparse, due to a variety of disasters, repairs, the need to report directly to a number of concerned superiors, and those crew who weren't needed (and even some who were) taking rather excessive shore leaves on Deep Space Nine while the aforementioned reports and repairs were occurring.

The small fleet carrying the Admiralty rushed to the USS Murgatroid's location, and has tentatively concluded that "Evil" Janeway and the ISS Voyager were destroyed by a virally-induced warp core breech. They found a heavily damaged and unresponsive USS Murgatroid adrift in the system, which they were unable to contact or enter. Eventually, while they were en route, IFix created a tunnel through the holomatter inside the Murgatroid, exited from a hatch in a space suit, and contacted the fleet with a handheld transmitter (since all external receivers and transmitters were burned off of the Murgatroid in the ISS Voyager's explosion). He is now in charge of the extensive repairs which the Murgatroid requires to be spaceworthy again; and is working as hard and fast as possible (due to the ever-less-subtle hints from Station Security about the welcome of the Murgatroid's crew already being significantly worn out).

I rejoined the fleet en route to Deep Space Nine aboard a runabout being piloted by my analog, "Evil" Storvik. We left behind Surak's Razor (disabled), the USS Cairo (disabled), and Commander Lothar (still frighteningly able). The current state of affairs in that system is unknown. The USS Sovereign will be required to safely return the Admiralty to Earth once any further inquiries are resolved. The remaining ships have been tasked to return to their last system and render any aid which the Cairo may require. They are understandably reluctant to carry out these orders, and have just departed today (after expending their final delaying tactic).

One of the decisions yet to made by the Admiralty is whether or not to make my acting command of the USS Murgatroid, held since the death of KY Jellico, permanent.

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