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The mind meld was a success – remarkably so, in fact; the two minds seemed to almost perfectly complement each other. Lothar's anger met T'Sorvik's emotional control (along with the seven-year-old girl's underlying happiness). T'Sorvik's youth and innocence met Lothar's experience and guile. Lothar's maturity met T'Sorvik's immaturity … or, perhaps, it was the other way around. It was difficult to say, now that their minds were one, which traits came from which individual. The gestalt consciousness, which was whimsically referring to itself as "T'Lothvik", was now able to exercise precise and total control of the bodies in which it inhabited – those parts of Lothar's body which could not be controlled through direct neuromuscular signals could be controlled through T'Sorvik's hands on the controls inside; and she was no longer hampered with an inability to see Lothar's surroundings since she could now see out of Lothar's eyes.

Mib Khan had put away his tricorder. He and Storvik were trying to figure out why Lothar was assaulting himself when Lothar suddenly stopped, and seemed to visibly compose himself. The counsellor stood up straight, and looked at his Captain/Father Storvik. "[I] have not eaten [me]," T'Lothvik announced. "But [I] have almost fixed [me], and then [I] will be able to come out."

"You're going to 'come out'?" asked Doctor Khan. "Well, you're certainly dressed for it."

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