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It later occurred to Picard that what she(he) should have done at least an hour ago was report the situation to security, or perhaps the captain. "But heck, they never listen to me." She was also having a lot of fun climbing around in the jeffries tubes. Not that it seemed like Lothar should be in the jeffries tubes, but it occurred to Picard that the tubes seemed to be an excellent place to launch a rescue mission. (It should be noted that, as a botanist, Picard had been on very few actual rescue missions. To give Picard credit where it was due, she was essential during the rescue of Ensign Triffid, back when Picard was still physically male. That was a very long time ago, however.)

The exit hatch from jeffries tube 3 clanked open, and Picard peered through, visor still concealing half her face, and waving a laser-tiller violently at Ensign Heavens. "Have you seen Lothar? I think somebody stole him from me." Picard cursed under her breath. "Goshdarned tomato snatchers."

Ensign Heavens had been having a bad day and said several slightly compthings very quickly about Lothar in a dress and T'Sorvik being eaten and the captain and Khan.

"Huh. Ain't that strange." Picard replied, and began to crawl back up the jeffries tube. She crawled back down a moment later. "Tell me, what did you think of the dress? Is it, y'know, sexy but still respectable? D'ya think I should go with a nice blue instead?"

Heavens was aghast. "A little girl has been devoured and you're worrying about a DRESS?"

Picard looked abashed. "Sorry, ma'am. Somethin's strange is going on here, but I reckon I'll figure out what. You count on Mr. Picard, lil lady." Picard disappeared again, then reappeared. "By the way, I get a real nice view of your caboose from up here. Keep workin' out, doll; lookin' good!" Picard winked at Heavens then disappeared up the jeffries tube for the final time.

Picard remembered Heavens mentioning Khan... and wondered if this was not all to do with one of the clones' experiments. Or if someone had been eaten, there might be a good place to look. She climbed towards sickbay, yelling as she approached the correct floor, her twangy alto voice reverberating through the corridors:

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