T'Sorvik (tsorvik) wrote in uss_murgatroid,

T'Sorvik Is Pooped

As the robohamsters attacked T'Sorvik, Lothar began to jump up and down and squeal in a high pitched voice. Because they were still connected by a (deteriorating) mild meld, he was feeling the pain along with her.

Outside of Lothar, there was confusion – but at the same time, all of those present made the same decision upon the most logical course of action: They began to back away outside of Lothar's range. Or, at the very least, to back away; it was not always easy to know what Lothar's range was. Mib Khan continued to scan with his tricorder, but it was still unable to tell him what was happening inside the counsellor.

Inside of Lothar, there was also confusion. The robohamsters, acting under very simple directives, were attempting to sample and analyze the intruder, while at the same time attempting to either drive it out of Lothar's internal workings or incapacitate it. Their analyses were confused, since their nibbles were sampling both the blood inside her body and the oils and other substances from Lothar's machinery on the outside of her body. They weren't sure, but they suspected that the intruder might be a cyborg of some type, possibly even a Borg drone. They continued to nibble, while they conferred.

Meanwhile, Lothar was also in pain from the attacks (albeit minor so far) upon T'Sorvik. When the robohamsters detected pain coming from Lothar, they naturally assumed that the intruder was fighting back and hurting their host. They redoubled their efforts. T'Sorvik managed to grab and smash one of them, but lost a finger in the process. Finally, as what remained of the merged "T'Lothvik" realized what was happening, it voluntarily severed the mental connection. T'Sorvik and Lothar were individuals once more, and it was time for the girl to leave. She dragged herself to the access port leading out, kicking and crushing a few robohamsters on the way.

With a grunt and groan, T'Sorvik plummeted out from underneath Lothar's dress into a twitching lump on the floor. She was covered with scratches, small bites, blood, oil, and dirt. Storvik grabbed the medical tricorder from Khan and ran to his daughter to check on her, as Khan smacked his commbadge and ordered an emergency transport for four (T'Vit also moved into position) to sickbay.

Muttering "show over", Ifix turned to the turbolift and returned to engineering, hoping that he would be able to read the girl's report about Lothar's inner mechanics later. This left a rather cross and now fully-functional Counsellor Lothar alone in the corridor with a rather petrified ensign.


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