Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote in uss_murgatroid,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid


T'Sorvik has been completely healed from the minor physical injuries she suffered while merged with Counsellor Lothar. Only time will tell if she has suffered any long-lasting mental effects from the mind meld; there are certain to be some minor short-term "flashbacks" (to use a human term) but at this point we can only wait and observe. If there were any instabilities introduced into her psyche by her ill-advised and inexperienced mind meld with the cousellor, then an additional mind meld by T'Vit too soon thereafter could compound the damage.

The USS Murgatroid is almost ready to depart from Starbase 668. Until she does, both T'Vit and I shall be busy. We have therefore confined T'Sorvik to our quarters until we depart, and are able to keep better control of her. She is, in any event, forbidden to engage in any mind melds (or prolonged physical contact, of course) with any member of the crew without our explicit permission.

Counsellor Lothar was not to blame for the "T'Lothvik" incident, as it was not his idea nor was he able to stop T'Sorvik (given his complete physical immobility at the time). I have still asked him to minimize his contact with my daughter in the future. "Whatever, daddy," he replied, then quickly added, "I mean, umm, daddy-o. It's cool, daddy-o."

More human slang for me to look up, no doubt.

In any event, Counsellor Lothar was completely mobile (and mad) when Alabama Picard finally climbed out of a vent in search of his mislaid mannequin. He quickly returned to his hydroponics lab empty handed; well, empty handed except for his overly-large tomatoes. Mib Khan said that more than a handful was wasted anyway.

Lothar, still in his metal alloy kilt, set off in pursuit of Picard, muttering about wanting a PLT sandwich. I can only assume the "P" stands for "Picard", but Khan obviously misheard the Counsellor. "A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich?" he said to himself. "I knew that the conversion to Islam wouldn't last, but I thought alcohol would be what broke him first."

Unfortunately, Lothar left before I could remind him that his kilt was created from a door in one of the holographic sections of the Murgatroid; meaning that once Lothar leaves the portions of the ship equipped with holoemitters, his kilt will vanish. All I can do now is ensure that I will not be present when this event occurs.

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