Somebody Else (non_player_char) wrote in uss_murgatroid,
Somebody Else

I'll Buy That For A Credit!

Evil Storvik, who had been in hiding on Surak's Razor until the USS Murgatroid left Starbase 668, has just hailed the ship and beamed aboard. Lieutenant Heavens made sure that there was a glass of Romulan ale waiting for him in the transporter room (this was a party, after all), and also told him that Captain Storvik was expecting him. "There's no rush though," the Lieutenant assured the goateed Vulcan. "In fact," she added, grabbing a random engineer, "we're about to have a limbo contest. Join us?"

Evil Storvik declined, as the name of the event (a mythical human afterlife, if he recalled correctly) sounded … ominous.

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