Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid (mib_khan) wrote in uss_murgatroid,
Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid

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What do you mean, daylight? We're in deep space!

Khan looked at the chronometer display on the viewscreen. He was doing night shift on the bridge. There was nothing to look at. Well, there was a starfield, and a chronometer. Time was moving really slowly for some reason. He watched the time turn...1:58...1:59...3:00. 3:00???

Khan looked around at the other bridge crew of the uss_murgatroid. It was night shift. Odds were only about 20% on anyone paying attention, even if they'd been given incentives (e.g. sex, drugs, or a "Get away from Lothar free" point-to-point transport subroutine). Khan counted the number of non-holographic crew...nope, no chance he'd get that 20%. Khan chalked it up to either another space-time anomaly or one really, really long blink.
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