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Have Phaser, Will Travel

Captain Storvik's shift on the bridge was due to begin. (He used to work two of the three daily shifts, at minimum, back when KY Jellico was nominally in command and Mib Khan had not yet developed his cloning apparatus; the new arrangement was much more conducive to married life and child raising, even for Vulcans.) He generally brought his daughter T'Sorvik with him to the bridge, in order to further her education – there had not been a major crisis yet since their return from a seven-year diversion through time; should one occur, she would be in the care of T'Vit while Storvik dealt with the matter.

T'Sorvik had been spending time with her "mother", the captain's analog from the "Dark Mirror" universe (a nomenclature recently established by those in Starfleet studying the matter), Evil Storvik. Storvik stopped by his doppelgänger's quarters on the way to the bridge, to retrieve their daughter. As was his perogative as captain, and because he had determined it to be logical to occasionally catch the not-completely-trustworthy Vulcan unprepared, Storvik entered Evil Storvik's quarters unannounced. Upon entry, he was greeted with the sight of his daughter holding a phaser. "Look what I found, Daddy!"

Storvik took the phaser from her, and examined it. It was definitely a real, fully-functional phaser, not a replica; yet, to the best of Storvik's recollection, Evil Storvik did not have a weapon. He turned it over, and saw the words "Property of Starbase 668" stamped on the bottom. "Can you explain this?" Storvik asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Actually, I cannot," replied Evil Storvik, raising the corresponding eyebrow. "I was led to believe that your socialist Federation had abolished the concept of 'property' over a standard century ago." After Storvik raised another eyebrow, and Evil Storvik matched the ante with another eyebrow of his own, Evil Storvik continued, "If you ask an imprecise question, you will get an imprecise answer." (Brief pause.) "I obtained this phaser in a bar fight on Starbase 668, and was explaining its operation to our daughter."

The two adult Vulcans continued to stare at each other, and an impartial observer could be forgiven for gaining the impression that they were competing to see who could raise their eyebrows the highest. "One, two, three, four; I declare an eyebrow war!" giggled T'Sorvik.

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